wordless friday

the best damn things ever .
do you have these type of so called friends ?
they are the greatest i've ever have.
-super duper OHMIYA 
it is a promise not a label.for sure,she give the best hugs in the world.
-bastardest n funniest classmate in my wholelife
the five kays members.they're totally great for studying together ,happy together ,talk a bullshit n soon.the best is i luft my two annoying and the hardworking (totally jealous,i do !) deskmate i've ever met amyra dayana n ang0hh .girls,sorry for the harsh words.

the saddest pathetic in me without them
*the past eight days my life has went from great happy go lucky to crap
*everyone doesnt in the the table spending time having afterclass-eating like before
*roll on sleeps together in a burstly-like dorm
*there's no watching muvees in  herd :) 
*there's no more part of sharing the meals and cloths

nineteen from twenty.
mbek gamb0o tx ajem cukup.
fasting month.seme muke txleyh blahh.hahaaa.
absent:  #b.e.s 1
#b.e.s 1

p/s : for short there's no more words or actions describe as together,sharing and twit about others between us anymore.huhuu. i miss the school things.hardly fuckin miss 'em.